Chinese Customs Officers Seize 256 Intel Core i7-10700/i9-10900K Processors

Chinese customs officers at the Hong Kong-Macao border seized a total of 308 Intel 10th Gen Core processors during a two-week operation. Reportedly, the processor chips consisted of 10th Gen Core i7-10700 and i9-10900K models.

Intel Smuggling Operation 1 1

Consumers are forced to take desperate measures due to the global chip shortage. Although a stable supply of 10th Gen Core processors is available across the globe yet some regions suffer from supply constraints.

256 processors were seized from two drivers crossing the border. One of the drivers was acting in a weird way and he was found with 256 processors strapped around his calves and chest.

Intel Smuggling Operation 2

Two weeks after the operation, officers found 52 processors hidden between the seats of a truck. The Chinese customs seized a total of 308 processors during this two-week operation. The estimated value of the seized processors is 800,000 yuans (123,550 USD).