Cideko Air Conqueror Keyboard / Gamepad Review

Cideko has put together an amazing all-in-one product. If you want to use it for your HTPC, or even for work presentations, the Conqueror’s air keyboard and mouse will be your best bet. Even for PS3 games, it’s rock solid as a controller and a keyboard. You’ll run into some hiccups with PC games, but that can’t really be blamed on the hardware, and I was always able to find a proper workaround. Although, looking around on the internet, it is quite obvious that not everyone was as patient to discover the workarounds. Not to mention, I did get dropouts in Geometry Wars. For each of these items, I’m going to dock 1 point.

The street price, $89.99 ( can be a bit hefty but you’re getting a PC and PS3 gamepad, along with a wireless keyboard and mouse that works on both the PC and PS3. Overall the Conqueror is a great product at a very reasonable price. ThinkComputers gives it an 8 out of 10 score.

– Easy to use all-in-one device
– Completely wireless on PC and PS3
– Programmable buttons and fully assignable gamepad keys

– Getting it setup with PC games can be an adventure
– I did notice wireless dropouts while playing Geometry Wars