CM Storm Power-RX Gaming Mousepad Review

The CM Storm Power-RX seems to be the skinny brother to the Control-RX. Both were released at the same time to target different audiences. Cooler Master boasts that the Power-RX is designed for making precise and intricate movements with ease. It features their “Surgical Strike Surface” construction. Read on as we take a look…

Special thanks to Cooler Master for providing us with the Power-RX Mousepad to review.

SUPERIOR TRACKING – Finely textured surface optimized for all gaming mice
SILICON BASE – Specially designed anti-slip silicon base prevents the pad from sliding
XL SIZED – Power-RX gives you a very large surface area to use
SUPPORTS ALL MOVEMENTS – Fully tracking everything from minimal movements to fast swipes
STEADY PERFORMANCE – Steady performance when using both optical and laser mice
WATER REPELLENT – Easy to clean – surface repells water.

The Power-RX comes in a unique type of packaging, a tube. There is a rope handle and on it is a small replica of the mousepad so you can feel both sides of it without opening up the “box”. The front half tells you the name, a description of each side of the mousepad, a picture of it and dimensions in millimeters. The back half says the name “Power-RX” in 21 different languages and a few key features of the mousepad.

CM Storm Power-RX Gaming Mousepad CM Storm Power-RX Gaming Mousepad