CM Storm Sonuz Gaming Headset Review

Yes, Cooler Master’s CM Storm Sonuz headset is a beast. 53mm drivers, 97mm earpads, detachable microphone, and a 3.5mm headphone jack, set the stage for a headset that is ready to climb in the ring with the big boys. But instead of dazzling you with virtual surround, the Sonuz is just going to hit you with raw power. Is its raw power strong enough to deliver a knockout punch? Continue reading to find out…

Special thanks to Cooler Master for providing us with the CM Storm Sonuz Gaming Headset to review.



Drivers 53mm
Frequency Response 10Hz – 20kHz
Impedance 45 ohm
Sensitivity 98db +/- 3dB (@ 1kHz, 1V/PA)
Input Power 200 mW
Connector 3.5mm Gold Plated Headphone Jack
Inner Ear Cup Diameter 97mm
Cable Length 2.0m (~ 6.5ft)


Pick-up Pattern Omni-directional
Frequency Response 100Hz – 10kHz
Signal to noise ratio 58dB
Sensitivity -47dB +/- 3dB (@ 1kHz, 1V/PA)

The outside of the box goes for a half-and-half approach. The left side of the box features a side view of the headset, while the right side is a window to show off the other side of the headset, along with the microphone. Sonuz is prominently displayed near the bottom of the front panel, along with “53mm Driver Explosive Sound Gaming Headset” to make it known that this headset’s drivers are larger than normal.

CM Storm Sonuz Gaming Headset

Rotating the box counter-clockwise we get the spec list, which is listed in the previous section. Continuing in the same direction, the backside has the headset’s prominent features listed in multiple languages, along with a good sized paragraph explaining the benefits that Sonuz can provide for games, music, movies, and even voice chat.

CM Storm Sonuz Gaming Headset CM Storm Sonuz Gaming Headset

Upon opening the box, you won’t find any driver CD’s or fancy install manuals. Setting up the Sonuz is as simple as it gets, just plug it in and turn it up. But before jumping into sound quality, let’s take a step back and look at Sonuz’ design features.

CM Storm Sonuz Gaming Headset CM Storm Sonuz Gaming Headset