OCZ Vertex 4 256GB Solid State Drive Review

We all know OCZ as one of the top names in the SSD market.  Believe it or not just a few years ago their main focus was enthusiast memory!  The popular 3rd party solid state drive controller that everyone has been using over the past year or so has been the SandForce SF-2281 chip.  Because so many companies are using the same controller the solid state drive market has become saturated with the same type of drives that offer just about the same performance.  OCZ wants to remain a big player in the solid state drive market and with their purchase of Indilinx last year they made that very apparent.  Earlier this year OCZ announced the second generation Everest solid state drive controller (Everest 2) and the Vertex 4 is the first consumer drive to use this controller.  With rated speeds of 560MB/s read and 510MB/s write it is set to compete very well with SandForce-based drives.  Read on as we check out this new drive from OCZ!

Special thanks to OCZ for providing us with the Vertex 4 256GB Solid State Drive to review.

– Industry’s highest IOPs performance up to 120,000
– No compression-related performance limitations
– Indilinx Infused Everest 2 platform
– Fast boot times and ultra-low latency
– Industry-leading 5 year warranty
– Ndurance 2.0 Technology

The Vertex 4 comes in a retail box that we are very used to seeing with OCZ’s solid state drives.  On the front of the package is a photo of the drive, a listing of some of the features and an label letting us know we have the 256GB version.  On the back there is even more information on the drive itself.

OCZ Vertex 4 256GB Solid State Drive OCZ Vertex 4 256GB Solid State Drive

Opening the box up inside you will find the Vertex 4 solid state drive, drive adapter, mounting screws, case sticker, and install guide.

OCZ Vertex 4 256GB Solid State Drive

To give you a better idea of how the Vertex 4 comes, what all is inside the box and for an overview check out our video below.

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