OCZ Vertex 4 256GB Solid State Drive Review

Testing – Anvil & AS SSD
The next test is Anvil Storage Utilities, which is a really great piece of software.  The SSD benchmark gives you scores for both read and write as well as a combined score.


anvil graph1

As you can see here the Vertex 4 ranks at the top of the solid state drives that we have tested.

We used Anvil’s threaded I/O test to benchmark IOPS.  The block size was set at 4k and the queue depth was set at 32.


anvil graph2

Our final test is the AS SSD Benchmark. This benchmark contains four synthetic as well as three practice tests. It also not only shows you the transfer speeds but also IOPS.

as ssd 1

as ssd 2

as ssd graph

The AS SSD program has a copy benchmark included with it.  This benchmark shows you the speed and how long it would take to load an ISO, Program and Game.  Here are the results from that test, lower times are better.

as ssd 3

AS SSD also has a compression benchmark included.  Here are the results from that test.

as ssd 4

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