Codemasters Have Released The Official DIRT 5 System Requirements For PC

The official DIRT 5 System requirement for PC was released by Codemasters on their official Steam page. The minimum requirements indicates that the DIRT 5 will not be demanding but no hint can be given regarding the gaming experience provided by the minimum and recommended specifications.

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Minimum Requirements:

The minimum requirements include 64-Bit Windows 10 operated on an Intel i3 2130 or AMD FX 4300. The graphic card should be Nvidia GTX 970 or the equivalent AMD RX 480. 8 gigs of RAM along with 60gb storage space and Direct X 12 is also required. Direct X compatible sound card is mandatory. A proper network connection is an obvious requirement. To enjoy Dolby Atmos, a pc supporting Dolby Atmos Playback should be available.


As far as the recommended specs are concerned some of them are the same as the minimum required specs. You require a Core i5 9600k or an AMD2600x paired with 16 gigs of RAM and an NVIDIA GTX 1070 Ti or AMD Vega 64 (Direct X 12 Graphics Card) for a smoother gaming experience. The Direct x version, Windows, Sound card, Storage Space, Network, and optional Dolby Atmos requirement is the same for both the minimum and recommended specifications.

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Codemasters also shared a list of all the 40 soundtracks and artists that they have included in the game.

“In-game, this music will be the backdrop whenever you navigate through DIRT 5’s menus and race setups, and will naturally transition as you load into a race event. Once you’re racing, players will have multiple options for how to listen to the soundtrack. In the pause menu’s audio settings, choose ‘3D’ for the music to dynamically change as you race past speakers and points of interest along the track, or select ‘2D’ to have the music playing consistently through the race. There are, of course, options to adjust the volume levels, including switching the music off.”

Dirt 5 will be released for PC, Playstation 4 and the Xbox One on October 5th.