NVIDIA might close in on Arm acquisition deal by end of summer

Arm Holdings, the developers of the ARM architecture, seems to have become a hot commodity. We had reported about Softbank wanting to sell off the company, and NVIDIA being a key pursuer. A new report says NVIDIA seems to be on track to close the deal by end of summer.

The information comes from a new report from Evening Standard, and apparently NVIDIA might be getting close to sealing a deal with Softbank. Of course, there are other players in the field, even though Apple has apparently opted out. Of course, NVIDIA is bound to face regulatory issues as well.

ARM has been the talk of the town since Apple announced the move to its own Apple Silicon chips, based on ARM. Apparently, Arm Holdings could go for as much as 40 billion GBP, which converts to 52.63 billion USD. Softbank acquired the company for 32 billion USD in 2016, which just goes to show you how much the value has jumped.

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Via TechPowerUp

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