Xbox Series X will have Ray Tracing and Machine Learning capabilities, and a performance improvement of 3-10X

Xbox Series X might not win at the exclusives, but it seems to be a real powerhouse. Ahead of Microsoft’s discussion of the Xbox Series X architecture at the Hot Chips conference, they have shared the slides that give us an insight into the upcoming console, and it looks great.

Xbox Series X will be able to hit a peak of 380 Giga ray-box per second and 95 Giga ray-triangle per second, says the slide. DirectX Ray Tracing Acceleration will help boost performance by 3-10X when Ray Tracing is in effect.

Xbox Series X DXR

Filed under “Other tricks”, Microsoft confirmed Xbox Series X will have Machine Learning capabilities with this acceleration. Additionally, there will be two separate virtualized command streams and 32b HDR. There will also be Variable Rate Shading:

Xbox Series X VRS

Microsoft also gave some insight into the manufacturing, which will be done with TSMC’s 7nm process:

Xbox Series X Manifacturing

Well, Xbox Series X will go on sale in November, and pre-orders are likely to open up soon. Will you be getting one? Let us know in the comments, down below!

Via Wccftech

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