ARM-Based MacBook Pro Could Ship With Second-Generation Touch Bar and Face ID

ARM-based MacBook Pro is the talk of the town right now and as per the rumors, its production will start from Q4 2020. In addition to the upgraded hardware and features, its current features will also be upgraded. The tipster Komiya thinks that the next MacBook Pro will feature a second-generation Touch Bar.

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According to Komiya, the ARM-based MacBook Pro will also feature Face ID along with the second-generation Touch Bar thus providing more convenience to the users. The changes brought to the second-generation Touch bar were not mentioned by Komiya. Dimensional changes could be one of them but there is no way to confirm the predicted changes.

It was expected from Apple to introduce Face ID in the MacBooks, once it was provided in the iPhone X and later on in iPad Pro. Unfortunately, the tipster gave no information about the availability of Face ID and second-generation Touch Bar in the upcoming ARM-based 12-inch MacBook. This leads to the conclusion that the same body (with physical keys) will be used by Apple in its smaller MacBook.

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This might be a bad thing as it will lead to consumers spending extra to experience the improved Touch Bar or Face ID features on the new ARM-based MacBooks.