RTX 3090 Pricing Could Be Around $2000??

A post on Chiphell has revealed a screenshot taken from a supposed insider with information regarding Colorful’s upcoming RTX 3090 models. According to this screenshot Colorful will be releasing at least two RTX 3090 models, a Vulcan (air-cooled) and a Neptune (hybrid cooling). Prices for these appear to be CNY 13,999 (online selling) for the Vulcan X OC, and CNY 12,999 (again online selling) for the Neptune. This translates to around $2000 for the Vulcan X OC card and $1875 for the Neptune. A price of CNY 12,000 is also mentioned for the Vulcan ($1730) so that might actually be the real pricing as we would expect the Neptune card to be more expensive.

rtx 3090 pricing chiphell

Some other information was listed in the Chiphell thread like 5V RGB capability for the cards so you can pair the lighting of the card with your motherboard as well as an improved in-card display for the Vulcan X.

Now this is only a rumor so take this information with a grain of salt, but if this does turn out to be true we could be paying even more to have a high-end NVIDIA graphics card. What do you guys think?

Via Chiphell

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