Colorful Announces Four GeForce RTX 4070 Ti SUPER Cards With AD102 GPU

Colorful is expanding its lineup with four new AD102-based models, bringing the total to six, the most among any board partners to date. The naming convention is somewhat confusing, with three variants of essentially the same cards. However, one model distinguishes itself with its larger RTX 4090 cooler design.

IMG 2260

In this update, Colorful introduced two variants: V2 and V3. The V2 features the larger RTX 4090 cooler design but has reduced GPU specs and memory. The V3 utilizes the AD103 board and cooler design but comes with the larger AD102 GPU. The original model is the AD103-based model released in January.

IMG 2262

Colorful provides a total of 20 models: 6 based on the AD102 chip and 14 using the original AD103 specifications. Thankfully, Colorful mainly sells its GPUs in select Asian countries, so encountering these confusing variants in other regions is unlikely. This scenario illustrates why NVIDIA enforces strict guidelines against mixing different GPU models, particularly in areas with stringent consumer protection laws that demand clear disclosure of any specification changes. Notably, NVIDIA has not officially revealed the AD102-based RTX 4070 Ti SUPER; this detail comes from information on board partner websites.

Source & Images: Videocardz