Colorful Introduces GeForce RTX 4060 And RTX 4060 Ti iGame Ultra Z Series Featuring Hidden Power Connectors

In July, Colorful introduced the Ultra Z series, expanding upon its well-received iGame Ultra White series. The Ultra Z series offers a variety of designs, with at least four distinct versions, each equipped with either two or three fans and hidden power connectors. The RTX 4060 Ti and RTX 4060 models have been added to the lineup, featuring this design.

COLORFUL GeForce RTX 4060 8GB iGame Z OC 1

The company’s innovation focuses on the inconspicuous positioning of the 8-pin power connector. Typically, these connectors are prominently located on the side of the graphics card facing the computer’s case window. However, in the case of the Ultra Z series, Colorful has chosen to completely hide the power connector beneath the backplate, securely fastened with magnets, ensuring convenient access for users when necessary. The cable is intelligently routed to the side of the card that faces the motherboard, enabling full cable concealment.

The connector’s placement allows sufficient space for the cable to flex. Furthermore, since it uses the standard 8-pin PCI connector, there is a lower theoretical risk of cable overheating from excessive bending compared to using connectors with higher wattage ratings.

COLORFUL GeForce RTX 4060 8GB iGame Z OC 2

Colorful’s Ultra Z series consists of three unique models, each featuring an identical triple-fan cooler design measuring 31.3 x 18.9 cm. The main distinction between these models lies in their thickness, which falls within the range of 48 to 50.5 mm, and their weight, varying from 0.98 kg to 1.12 kg, depending on the specific SKU.

Although the RTX 4060 (Ti) Ultra Z models are not currently available for purchase, they are officially listed on Colorful’s website, indicating that their release is imminent.

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Source & Images:  Videocardz