Colorful Launches GeForce RTX 4060 Ti 16GB iGame Mini Featuring Just One Fan

Colorful presents two options within its RTX 4060 lineup: the iGame Mini, which comes exclusively with the RTX 4060 Ti SKU, and the Smart Mini, which includes the RTX 4060 non-Ti variant.

IMG 7005

The company has recently refreshed its website with updated details about the iGame Mini, including actual photographs, and notably, the addition of a new 16GB model. In contrast to initial renders that depicted a silver/white appearance, the card now features a distinct color scheme, showcasing a brushed metal design in brown. While the remaining portion of the GPU maintains a white color scheme, this combination remains rather unique.

IMG 7006

Regarding GPU specifications, both the 8GB and 16GB variants of the RTX 4060 Ti operate at an identical boost clock speed of 2580 MHz (1.8% overclock), while exhibiting a minor distinction in TDP (160W compared to 165W) in accordance with NVIDIA’s guidelines, as well as power delivery featuring either a 6+1 VRM design or a 6+2 configuration. Both iterations are equipped with an AD106 GPU featuring 4352 CUDA cores and come with three display connectors (3x DP, 1x HDMI).

IMG 7007

Although not adhering strictly to a Mini-ITX design due to its cooler width of 14.5 cm, the card maintains a relatively compact form, measuring under 20 cm in length and occupying a mere two slots. To the best of our knowledge, this could potentially be the inaugural graphics card to incorporate a single fan alongside 16GB of memory (excluding workstation and hybrid/AIO configurations).

Currently, the card is not yet officially available on the Chinese JD platform. Nevertheless, considering the recent website update from Colorful, it implies that the release might be drawing near.

Source & Images credit: Videocardz