Compal’s Rover Play 2-in-1 Gaming Tablet Features Foldable Controllers

Compal’s proposed tablet concept, recognized by IFA, features hidden controllers that are actually foldable rather than truly hidden. Users can effortlessly slide them open, transforming the tablet’s flat surface into a more ergonomic design, providing gamers with a convenient grip for gaming. The “FlexiRear Controller” is more than just plastic; it houses ultrasonic sensors, enhancing its functionality.

rover play 2

Players have the flexibility to customize the touch area according to their preferences, enabling them to immerse themselves in games on a larger screen without compromising screen space for input. The rear touch input can function as virtual buttons discreetly positioned at the back.

rover play 3 scaled

Utilizing a keyboard, the Rover Play concept functions similarly to contemporary Windows tablets and, with an optional stand, seamlessly transforms into a conventional laptop. Despite Compal’s renowned status as an OEM laptop manufacturer whose designs are embraced by various brands, the Rover Play, as of now, seems more conceptual than an actual product. None of the official ‘lifestyle’ photos depict the tangible device but rather renders, making it an intriguing idea with uncertain prospects of materializing in the market.

rover play 6

Via Liliputing