Computer for Student: Laptop vs. Desktop

The choice of a new computer is always a significant decision. Despite their popularity, computers are still pretty expensive, and usually, students can have only one at a time. The first and primary question a student shall ask themselves is whether they are going to buy a laptop or a desktop. It defines the choice of models, the price and quality ratio, and many other factors that have to be taken into consideration. So… a desktop or a laptop?

Desktop: less mobility, more power

Desktops are “default” computers with a tower, monitor, detachable mouse, and keyboard. They are great for homeschooling or in case you have a separate computer in your class. Before the cloud storage era, people using desktops required taking portable memory cards to transfer information the same way you take your textbooks to the college and back. Nowadays, everything you need to do is log into your profile, and you’ll see all the materials on your screen.

Despite zero portability, desktops have several major advantages. They are much easier to upgrade because all the components aren’t packed as tightly as in laptops. These components are usually less expensive. The same goes for the whole machine: you may buy a powerful desktop or a mediocre laptop with the same budget. Laptops also have many limitations, such as the capability of a cooling system (the more powerful it is, the more upgrade options for a laptop it allows, as more powerful components need more energy to cool). Desktops are bigger and have more space between the components, so they can cool naturally even with a weaker cooling system. Also, laptops are limited with the particular configuration of parts, while desktops allow more flexibility. You may interchange parts of your desktop easily and painlessly, but changing a single detail in the laptop may become a major headache.

If you are a gamer, desktops also provide a much better range of choice of gaming machines. Due to the easier cooling and cheaper details, it is very simple to create a good gaming desktop. It can also be constantly upgraded to stay up to date and be capable of launching the newest games.

Laptop: mobile but delicate

The obvious benefit of a laptop is its portability. If the student has to go to college every day and doesn’t have an assigned machine in the class, then a laptop is the best choice. It gives the feeling of privacy, being a personal notebook, data storage device, and workplace simultaneously. A laptop eliminates space limitations allowing you to work on a bus to your college, in the park or campus, or wherever you want to work. Other portable devices such as smartphones and tablets allow it too, but they aren’t as comfortable to work with, especially to type long texts. It’s very comfortable to surf the Internet in search of different educational sources from law essay examples on to even online libraries.

Despite being more delicate than desktops, some modern laptops can be tough. The rugged models allow you to use them anywhere. You may choose a waterproof or a shockproof model and use it even while camping. Laptops are also the best option for energy-efficient tasks such as reading, word processing, or social media browsing. If you don’t need excessive power and require your portable personal assistant to always be with you, a laptop is an obvious choice. Just think about the spare battery if you are going to use it outdoors all day long.

Laptops also usually have an operating system and the basic programs pre-installed, so you won’t need to bother downloading and installing them. A configuration optimal for each specific laptop will guarantee the best possible performance. To use a desktop, you should often choose the operating system’s configuration and drivers yourself.

The choice of a computer isn’t only an important choice, but also a personal one. We are only comparing the benefits and drawbacks of both variants to make this choice easier for you. We hope these tips were useful and now you’ll choose a perfect machine for your work and study!