Cooler Master MasterBox NR600 Case Review

Final Thougts

Like we said at the beginning of this review, the Cooler Master MasterBox NR600 is a sleek and stylish case that provides a streamlined approach to form and function, and we still stand by that assessment. The minimalistic design resulting from the fine-mesh front facade and tempered glass side panel blends the design trends of today’s market with a high flow thermal design.

MasterBox NR600

The interior of the NR600 is laid out nicely, with multiple cable management cutouts placed in prime locations, and plenty of clearance in nearly every location. The only gripe we have with regards to clearance is the non-removable 3.5″ drive cage that sits beneath the power supply shroud, though in our test system it wasn’t really an issue. With plenty of options available for both air and liquid-cooled systems, the NR600 has potential to be a great choice for a variety of builders.

At the end of the day, the Cooler Master MasterBox NR600 is a cost-effective solution that pairs form and function to create a case that looks great and is a breeze to build in. Available from our favorite online retailer, the Cooler Master MasterBox NR600 earns an 8 out of 10.


  • Looks Good
  • Convenient Cable Management Options
  • Tempered Glass Side Panel
  • Low Price


  • Can’t remove 3.5″ drive cage