WD Black SN750 1TB Solid State Drive (with Heatsink) Review

Not that long ago we took a look at Western Digital’s SN750 solid state drive, but it was the initial drive, not the one with the integrated heatsink. When Western Digital first announced the SN750 they showed it with this very sexy heatsink designed by EK Water Blocks. While you don’t need the heatsink, the drive works perfectly fine without it and does not overheat, the heatsink just looks so awesome it will definitely add that little bit of extra flare to your build. As a reminder this drive offers sequential read and write speeds of 3470 MB/s and 3000 MB/s respectively so let’s jump in!

Special thanks to WD for providing us with the WD Black SN750 1TB Solid State Drive to review.

wd specs

The WD SN750 comes in a very nice retail package. Compared to the non-heatsink version the picture of the drive on the front does show it with the heatsink installed. Also on the front it tells us the capacity and speeds.

WD Black SN750 1TB Solid State Drive

Flipping over to the back there is another photo of the drive with the heatsink installed and a little more information. We can also see that the drive has a 5-year warranty.

WD Black SN750 1TB Solid State Drive

Opening the box up and getting everything out we have the WD 750 drive with the heatsink pre-installed and a user’s guide. I really like that the heatsink is pre-installed. Many times we’ve seen drives with heatsinks, but you need to install the heatsink yourself.

WD Black SN750 1TB Solid State Drive

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