WD Black SN750 1TB Solid State Drive (with Heatsink) Review

Final Thoughts
As we mentioned in our original review of the WD SN750 not that much has changed from last years WD Black NVMe drive. We have the same controller and NAND, the only real improvements that were via the firmware and with this version you have that sexy heatsink. When it comes to performance this drive is at the top of our charts in most of the tests and performed right up to it advertised speeds.

This is of course the version that comes with the EK-made heatsink. Since we reviewed the version of the drive without the heatsink we can tell you that the drive does not need a heatsink in most cases. It does not over-heat or throttle. But depending on where your M.2 drive is mounted you may want the extra cooling that the heatsink provides. Besides offering better cooling the heatsink is just plain sexy. Out of all of the M.2 drives we’ve reviewed with heatsinks this drive definitely has to be the best looking. WD did a good think by working with EK. This drive is going to add the little bit of extra flare to your build.

The only real issue with the heatsink is that it makes the M.2 drive larger than normal. So you are going to want to make sure the drive will actually fit on your motherboard. We ran into issues on a few boards where there was another heatsink really close to the M.2 slot.

Right now the 1TB version of the WD SN750 (no heatsink) is 218.56 at our favorite online retailer. The version with the heatsink is $279.99, so that is just over a $60 difference, which is a lot just for a heatsink, and one that you really don’t need in most cases. EK also sells a very similar M.2 heatsink for $17.49.

At the end of the day this is one of the best performing M.2 NVMe drives we’ve tested this year. If you do opt for the heatsink version be prepared to pay a hefty premium for it. Overall ThinkComputers gives the WD Black SN750 1TB Solid State Drive (with Heatsink) an 8 out of 10 score.

rating8 10

– One of the fastest M.2 drives we’ve reviewed this year
– WD SSD toolbox software
– Heatsink looks amazing
– 5-year warranty

– You pay a hefty premium for the heatsink
– Heatsink is not needed

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