WD Black SN750 1TB Solid State Drive (with Heatsink) Review

WD SSD Dashboard
This drive supports WD’s SSD Dashboard software. This newer version of the software has a unique feature which is a toggle for “Gaming Mode”. What this does is disables power states 3 and 4. So you won’t have to worry about your SSD needing to “wake up” before processing data. Also on the main screen of the dashboard you have a listing of the firmware version you are running, a capacity graph, volumes, life remaining, temperature, and interface speed.

wdc ss1

Moving on to the performance tab there is a live performance monitor that shows you not only transfer speed (MB/s), but also IOPS.

wdc ss2

Under the tools section you can update the firmware, do a secure erase, run diagnostics, and see the drive information.

wdc ss3

In the setting section you can make sure the software is up to date and you can of course check for updates.

wdc ss4

Finally under the help section there are links to the online support page, user forums, and the user manual. You can also generate a report about the drive if you are having issues with it.

wdc ss5

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