Cooler Master Seidon 240M Water Cooling System Review

Writing this review I couldn’t help but keep coming back to and thinking about the legal issues surrounding this cooler. And for whatever reason that caused me to have low expectations of it. Even before I pulled it out of it’s lovely box I had already made up my mind that it couldn’t be anything special and to be frank, I was blown away and shocked by how well it performed. Be it pump design, massively annoying but effective fans or perhaps the “UltraFine Micro Channels” of the blocks heat exchange area this AIO does the job. And while we are giving out accolades, lets talk about the price. $99 USD from my favorite online shopping location. That is the price to put this unit at. It is low enough to make you forget about some of the other options on the market without even considering this units great performance. Factor that in and I think this is the best bang for your buck AIO cooler on the market. And if interested, you better grab one now while you know they will still be available!

Of course the Seidon 240M is not without it’s faults. The fans are just loud. Even at slower speeds they are loud fans. The bracket could be slimmed down some to allow easier installation. Most importantly though if you are looking for a really clean install this is cooler not going to make you happy. Unless you’re willing to throw your warranty away and remove the tags from the power connectors, it’s just going to look tacky.

Overall ThinkComputers gives the Cooler Master Seidon 240M a 9 out of 10 score!

rating9 10 small

-Price is perfect, best bang for your buck
-Great performance
-Packaging/kit is top notch
-Blue LED lights to indicate pump is running

-Fans are loud
-Not a very clean install
-Blue LED lights whenever pump is running