PrimoChill Compression Tube Reservoir Review

What if I were to tell you that there is a tube reservoir on the market that seals without threads cut into the acrylic? Would that be something you would be interested in? Well if so, then today is your lucky day. We are taking a look at the 240mm UV Green PrimoChill Compression Tube Reservoir (CTR), and it is just that.

Special thanks to PrimoChill for supplying the Compression Tube Reservoir for review.

– Compression End Caps, NOT THREADED.
– Laser Cut Acrylic Tubes: No micro-fractures from cutting or threading tubes(unlike the competition.)
– Low Profile End Caps for easier installs.
– Multi-Port End Caps: 2 port and 4 port.
– Large Inner Diameter: 57mm.
– Pre-Installed Ready To Use.
– Includes: 1x Stealth Mounting Bracket.
– Made in the USA.
– Laser Cut Tubes: For crack free usage.
– Delrin compression end caps.
– Stainless steel cap hardware.
– Rigid Mount Hardware Included.

The CTR comes packaged ingeniously in a thick cardboard tube (think toilet paper roll but bigger and much thicker). The dense cardboard is strong and obviously the perfect shape for holding a cylinder. The tube is plugged tightly on both ends with plastic end caps. Pulling the top cap off you will find several inches of soft foam molded to hold both the accessories and the top of the reservoir. The bottom of the reservoir sits in a similar piece of foam.

PrimoChill Compression Tube Reservoir

The outside of the container is plain aside from a sticker on the front with a listing of features as well as a marking for which size and color reservoir is within. PrimoChill offers the CTR in 4 sizes and 7 colors.