In Win Rocker Mat Aluminum Mousepad Review

When you think of a mouse pad you think about the old floppy foam ones or even the textured plastic ones that were big in the early 2000’s. With those you have to worry about getting it dirty or spilling your drink all over it. Well worry no more my friends! This mousepad is washable, water resistant and scratch resistant because it is made from aluminum. That’s right, ALUMINUM! It is the first that I have ever seen and might just be the first one to hit the market.

Personally I don’t really care about what mousepad/surface I use when I’m gaming or just browsing the web. I still use and old rigid mousepad that I got from Dell when I bought an XPS system back in 2004 and it has yet to really fail me. Well, it actually likes to spin around while playing First Person Shooters but I deal with it. When I travel, I just use the table or desk surface, I don’t carry a mousepad around with me.

We received the orange version of the Rocker Mat but it also comes in blue, purple, red, yellow and pink. I’m not really sure how to even categorize this mousepad. I can’t really say that it is for gaming nor can I say that it is for everyday use; if anything, it is for travel. That is the only thing I can see this mousepad being useful for and I’ll show you why.

Special thanks to In Win for providing us with the Rocker Mat Mousepad to review.

The In-Win Rocker Mat comes in a fairly basic but colorful box. On the front it shows you a few of the colors that it comes in and a list of the features. The “O” in Rocker is cut out so you can see what color the mousepad is inside the box.

In Win Rocker Mat Aluminum Mousepad

The back of the box just shows other products that In-Win has to offer and their QR Code to their product page if you want to see more information on that product.

In Win Rocker Mat Aluminum Mousepad