be quiet! Dark Rock Pro 2 CPU Cooler Review

Let’s talk about air coolers! Ok specifically let’s take a look at a pretty massive air cooler from our German friends over at be quiet!, the Dark Rock Pro 2. This is a large twin heat sink air cooler aimed at the more performance oriented consumer. With claims of massive cooling power, why don’t we see if this dark cooler deserves a place in your rig, or if it should be outcast to the dark side of the moon.

Special thanks to be quiet! for providing us with the Dark Rock Pro 2 for review!

Very quiet operation
135mm inner and 120mm front SilentWings fan with PWM function for optimized fan speed throughout the entire working range provides the perfect balance between superior cooling and quiet. The specially developed wave shaped contour of the heatsink fins optimizes airflow and avoids noise generating turbulence.

Highly effective cooling
Seven ultra-high performance heatpipes with an oxygen-free copper layer help to transport the heat directly to the optimal place of the heatsinks.

First-class materials
Dark nickel-plated metal surfaces and a solid brushed aluminum cover. A stable backplate ensures secure attachment, even when the computer is being transported.

Product conception, design and quality control in Germany.
3 years warranty

The Dark Rock Pro 2 comes in an aptly dark themed box with some nice orange accents. The front of the box gives us a view of the cooler itself, a listing of some features, a cooling capacity claim, and a sticker added to let you know it is Socket 2011 compatible. While the front is flash, the back gets down to business giving you a diagram and specifications of the cooler, fans and accessories.

be quiet! Dark Rock Pro 2 CPU Cooler be quiet! Dark Rock Pro 2 CPU Cooler

Within the box you will find the cooler held well in a high quality foam casing, and a small thin box containing the accessories. This includes everything needed for the install aside from a Philips head screwdriver.

be quiet! Dark Rock Pro 2 CPU Cooler

For a full unboxing of the Dark Rock Pro 2 check out our video below.