Cooler Master Shows HAF XC Prototype Case

At CES this year one case that really caught my attention was the Cooler Master HAF XC. This case is still in the prototype phase, but looks extremely promising. The case can either be orientated vertical or horizontally like a test bench or HTPC.

Cooler Master HAF XC

There are two things that really set this case apart from others. First is the side panel window. The HAF XC will feature a full side panel that will show all of the hardware inside of your system. This side panel window is on a hinge so it will easy swing open giving you easy access to your hardware.

Cooler Master HAF XC

The second thing is the mesh design on the case, which is sort of “3D” and quite unique. This is a full tower case so you will have support for XL-ATX, ATX and Micro ATX motherboards. If you want to put this case on its side the Cooler Master logo will actually rotate as well.

Cooler Master HAF XC

As this is only a prototype we do not any pricing details right now. Expect to see this case in Q2 of 2014.


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