Feenix Nascita Gets Refreshed For 2014

Feenix is taking the Apple approach to releasing products, make one model per year and make sure it’s really good. This year, their mouse is Nascita, which is shaped a bit like a Microsoft Intellimouse Explorer 3.0 (one of the greatest mice ever). Nascita is driverless, so there is not any extra software to install, has built in DPI up and down buttons with a small screen showing the current DPI, and of course forward and back buttons. It is also ergonomically designed for palm, claw, and semi-claw gamers.

Feenix Nascita Mouse Top

Thanks to the Avago 9800 chipset, Nascita is capable of scanning at 8200 DPI, with a 1ms response time, 12,000 FPS, 150 IPS. If you’re a competitive gamer, a mouse with good switches is necessary, Nascita’s Omron switches have a lifetime of 10 million clicks. Nascita also has 30g acceleration, and a net weight of 114g on a perfectly balanced chassis with teflon feet.

Feenix Nascita is available now from their website for $97.

Feenix Nascita Mouse Side

Feenix Nascita Mouse Front Lit Up


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