Cooler Master V6 GT CPU Cooler Review

Final Thoughts
Cooler Master really has worked hard on this CPU cooler.  We see many companies come out with new CPU coolers where all they have done is add some more heatsink fins or add more fans.  Cooler Master is not one of those companies; the V6 GT is not only designed to cool well, but to be efficient too.  Starting with the DynaLoop performance fans, these give the V6 GT the best airflow to RPM ratio from 800-2200RPM.  They also feature fluid dynamic bearings that increase the lifespan of the fans by 40,000 hours!  The heatsink fin array is designed with a 5 degree tilt which increases the surface area.  This lowers air resistance and adds to efficiency.  The 6 heatpipes are placed in a double-V shape.  This design traps airflow in the double V and cools the surface of the heatpipes directly.

Installation of the cooler was pretty easy.  I was a little confused as to why one of the retention plates was preinstalled backwards.  This could cause confusion for many people and it did for me.  After I got past that confusion the rest of the installation was simple and straight forward.  I really like that the fans are tool-less as they just clip right off.  This is a universal cooler to it will fit both AMD and Intel CPU’s.

The design of the cooler is very unique and is made to look like a modern V6 engine.  I don’t know of any other CPU manufacturer that has designed an entire series of coolers to look like something in the real world.  The LED strip on the top of the V6 GT is another added bonus.  As I said you can switch it between red, blue, and purple by just pressing the oil cap button on the top of the cooler.  You also are able to turn it completely off which is nice.

Right now you cannot find the V6 GT online for sale since it has just been released today, but you will be able to find it shortly.  Cooler Master tells us that the V6 GT will have a retail price of $69.99.  There will also be a V6 version of the cooler.  This cooler shares the double-V heatpipes and other basic features of the V6 GT, but omits twin fans, electroplating, LED controller and accessories kit.  This cooler will retail for $15-20 less than the V6 GT.

It is great to see another cooler in the V series from Cooler Master.  Overall ThinkComputers gives the Cooler Master V6 GT CPU Cooler a 9 out of 10 score.

– Very well designed
– Not only performs well but is efficient
– Looks cool
– Easy installation
– Universal cooler (will work on both Intel and AMD CPU’s)
– Ability to turn the LED strip off

– One of the retention brackets was preinstalled backwards

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