CORSAIR Announces High Performance Air A115 CPU Cooler With Six 6 mm Heat Pipes And A High-Efficiency Copper Cold Plate

CORSAIR has introduced the Air A115 High-Performance Tower CPU Cooler, the newest member of its CPU cooling range. Designed with precision to control the elevated temperatures produced by the latest Intel and AMD processors, the Air A115 stands as CORSAIR’s most potent and effective air cooler to date, boasting user-friendly features for seamless installation and adjustment.


The A115 is equipped with six 6 mm heat pipes and a high-efficiency copper cold plate at its core, capable of managing CPUs with a TDP of up to 270 W. The cold plate’s slightly convex shape enhances contact with the CPU for optimal thermal transfer and stability. With 90 nickel-plated cooling fins, providing a generous 1.69 m² surface area, the Air A115 ensures swift heat dissipation. Featuring two CORSAIR AF140 ELITE Fans, it incorporates AirGuide technology with anti-vortex vanes, delivering focused airflow.

The high-performance fans, reaching a maximum of 1,600 RPM, produce a minimal 33.9 dBA of noise due to their fluid dynamic bearings. CORSAIR’s slimmed-down Slide-and-Lock fan mount system, featuring an innovative tool-free ratcheting mechanism, allows variable mounting height for extensive DRAM compatibility. This streamlined process makes memory module replacement effortless.

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For a reliable fit on high-performance CPUs, the Air A115 is designed with the CORSAIR HoldFast 2.0 Retention System, featuring brackets for the latest Intel LGA 1700 and AMD AM5/AM4 sockets. Pre-coated with CORSAIR’s high-performing XTM70 thermal paste, the cooler is prepared for installation, ensuring optimal heat transfer from the moment it’s unboxed.

Source: Corsair