Corsair Announces The Carbide 400Q & 400C Cases

Back in December Corsair launched the 600C / 600Q case, which was the first entry in the Carbide series in a while. Now at CES they are announcing the Carbide Series 400C / 400Q. These cases are considered the little bothers to the cases in Carbide 600 series.

Corsair’s new Carbide 400 series is much like the 600 series in that there will be both a quiet (400Q) and clear (400C) version. Let’s start with the 400Q version. It will have sound dampening material on all sides that includes the side panel, so you won’t find a side panel window on this model. On the top of the case you will find a magnetic panel with sound dampening material installed that will block off all cooling from the top of the case. Since it is magnetic, you can easily remove it if you want to add cooling. These cases have the same design as the 600 series, although they do not have the reverse ATX layout.


Moving on to the 400C it of course has the all clear side panel so you can show off your hardware inside. The side panel easy pulls open as it sits on a hinge, so switching out parts will be very easy. Corsair has gone away with 5.25-inch drive bays with these cases so the front maintains that sleek look and that gives you more room inside.


With all of that room inside you actually can fit motherboards up to E-ATX inside! You also have room for multiple long graphics cards and CPU coolers up to 170mm in height. When it comes to water cooling support you have room at the front for radiators up to 360 mm at 280 mm up top. With the amount of room inside push / pull configurations should fit in the front of the case. The inside of both cases are identical.


The bottom part of the case has a shroud, which covers up the power supply mounting and hard drive area. The hard drive area has two hard drive trays for 3.5-inch hard drives. On the backside of the case there are three 2.5-inch hard drive mounts. The case also has room for full ATX power supplies up to 200mm. Whats even better is that you can remove the bottom shround for easier installation or if you say want to paint it, or just don’t want to make use of it.


Corsair’s 400 series will be available in March, both cases will retail for $99.

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