Deepcool Takes Water Cooling Where it’s Never Been

Deepcool as a company has been progressing at a furious pace and while it has been around for a while, it has not been around in the consumer segment for very long. The folks in the design department seem to have a vision of reaching the upper tiers the PC enthusiast hardware market as quickly as they can. And the path seems to have been charted based on innovation and creativity. One of the coolest products we were shown at CES was at the Deepcool suite, a water cooled PSU.

Water cooling has ventured into just about every area of the PC. It’s astounding and often hilariously dumbfounding to see what some water blocks are designed for. In fact before our meeting with Deepcool I thought I had seen everything. I was wrong. Running a radioactive flavored green coolant, Deepcool was tentatively showing of their pre-production Gamer Storm water cooled PSU.


Although it is totally a pre-production concept piece it is still really cool to see what may be coming soon. Sitting inside an aluminum bodied PSU housing the ultra silent unit is cooled from the top by a pretty large water block sitting in just the right position to pull all the heat from components below. A blacked out piece of tempered glass covers the water block and though clear portions shows off the coolant in the block beneath.


Of course there is no pricing or availability information currently. We can only hope that Deepcool brings this unit to full production and makes sure the unit is completely leak proof!


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