Corsair Carbide Series SPEC-OMEGA Case Review

Final Thoughts

Going into this review, we knew that the SPEC-OMEGA would be a more advanced case when compared to our previously reviewed SPEC-04, but we didn’t know just how much better it might be. Well, after spending time inspecting and building in the case, we can say that if you liked the SPEC-04 but wanted a larger feature set, the SPEC-OMEGA might just be for you.

The exterior of the SPEC-OMEGA continues Corsair’s Carbide series’ trend of angular exterior lines, and adds a stylish tempered glass pane to the front panel. We really like this look and the view it gives into the front of the case. The glowing LED light strip that separates the black and white sides of the front panel is a nice touch that adds the case lighting that many users want without being obnoxious. We do wish that Corsair had provided more air intakes at the front of the case however, as the small triangular opening at the bottom will be starving the intake fans, especially if you outfit all three of the 120mm fan locations.

Working inside the SPEC-OMEGA was a fairly straight-forward experience, which gets no real complaints from us. We do wish the case featured a power supply shroud, as this is really becoming the norm, even for cases in this price range. Being able to hide extra cables under a shroud is such a nice feature that you just aren’t afforded with the SPEC-OMEGA. The tool-less 2.5″ and 3.5″ drive mounting solutions made installation quick and easy, and multiple cable management holes in the motherboard tray made routing cables that much easier.

Overall we think Corsair has done a good job of providing a stylish and functional case with features that will live up to most users’ needs. The tempered glass side panel looks great nested against the angular top and front panels, and the glow of the front panel light strip is some of the best integrated case lighting we have seen. At a price of $99.99 at Amazon, the Corsair SPEC-OMEGA is a great deal for buyers looking to “SPEC” out their next build. We give the Corsair SPEC-OMEGA an 8 out of 10.


  • Great Looks – Front Panel Tempered Glass and LED Light Strip
  • Sleek Tempered Glass Side Panel Screws
  • Easy to Work With


  • No Power Supply Shroud
  • No USB 3.1 Type-C
  • Insufficient Front Air Intake
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