Phanteks Eclipse P350X Case Review

Back in January of 2018 at CES, we were introduced to an early version of the Eclipse P350X. At the time, Phanteks was positioning this case to reside between the existing P300 and P400, and outfitting it with a ton of great features for a reasonable price. Fast forward a bit, and now we have our hands on a production sample of the P350X, a compact ATX midtower. Phanteks has really put a lot of work into the looks and features of the Eclipse P350X, including a tempered glass side panel and multiple D-RGB LED lighting features. Follow along as we take a closer look at the Phanteks Eclipse P350X!

Special thanks to Phanteks for providing us with the Eclipse P350X review sample!




There isn’t a ton to write about regarding the P350X’s packaging, other than the fact that it came nicely enclosed in a sturdy box with plenty of packing materials. The large sides of the box offer a look at the case in both a standard view and an “exploded” view that gives you a good look at many of the features of the case.

P350X 01 Large P350X 02 Large

Two foam blocks keep the case safe during travel, and a standard plastic bag is wrapped around the case for a bit of added surface protection.

P350X 03 Large


Included with the P350X is a pretty standard accessory kit, but unfortunately, it is not housed in a nice plastic organizer like we have seen with previous Phanteks cases. This isn’t a huge issue, as the Eclipse P350X is a budget-based case, and providing extra screws and accessories in standard plastic bags is more than acceptable to keep the cost down.

P350X 07 Large