Phanteks Eclipse P350X Case Review

A Look Inside

To get a better look at the interior of the Phanteks Eclipse P350X, we first need to remove the four thumb screws from the tempered glass side panel. With the side panel out of the way, we get a nice look at the mostly white case interior that provides a nice contrast to the black exterior. In addition to the white motherboard tray, we also have a completely white power supply shroud that runs the length of the case, and a few add-in card panels as well. The motherboard tray offers a very large cutout for CPU cooler mounting access, something we love to see. Multiple cable management openings are spaced around the perimeter of the motherboard tray, giving users a lot of options to keep their case interior tidy. To the right of the motherboard tray is a nice bumped out section that serves to allow various cables to be easily ran while not having to curve in overly tight curves. While none of these openings offer rubber grommets, their exclusion is probably a beneficial cost-savings choice that Phanteks opted for.

P350X 22 Large

Taking a look at the top section of the P350X’s interior, we again see the dual mounts for 120mm or 140mm fans. These can pretty easily be populated with 120mm fans, but using 140mm fans may be a bit of a challenge depending on the motherboard used, in addition to other components. A top-mounted radiator is not supported here, but both the front and rear cooling options support their use.

P350X 24 Large

The panel used to separate the main compartment of the case interior from the power supply and 3.5″ drive bays offers a few cutouts for things like videocard power cables and front-panel buttons and ports.

P350X 23 Large

Moving to the back side of the motherboard panel, we can see the work that Phanteks put into the Eclipse P350X’s cable management. We again see multiple cutouts in the motherboard tray for cable management, and multiple loops and hooks are available for keeping cables in place with the included zip ties.

P350X 18 Large

The left side makes use of the additional room provided by the slight bump into the case interior for running all of the top panel’s cabling for the USB and audio ports, as well as the RGB controller cabling. Two velcro straps are pre-mounted and provide a reusable option that is much better than traditional zip ties in a location that will potentially see the most adjustment in a build’s lifetime.

P350X 20 Custom e1533492866253 P350X 21 Custom e1533492877354

With the 3.5″ drives mounted under the power supply shroud towards the bottom of the case, Phanteks opted to provide a space for three 2.5″ drives on the back side of the motherboard panel. And while there are three available mounting spots, only two removable drive caddies are provided. Again, this might be a cost-saving choice, but we would like to see all three mounting locations available from the start.

P350X 19 Large