Corsair H100i Water Cooling System Review

Final Thoughts
Corsair has through time, established itself as the consummate leader in the closed loop cooling category. As one of the first companies to start selling these units, they have enjoyed a position as a known source of quality and performance. And in light of the H100i, I have to say that there are few who can rival it’s quality. The fit and finish of the Corsair H100i like the H80i is superb. It is a professional quality unit, that a novice can install. Add to that the well built Corsair Link software and this unit has plenty of appeal.

On the other hand, performance. While yes, the H100i does achieve a 4.9ghz overclock, it falls short of the supreme performance objective of reaching a 5.0ghz overclock on our test unit.

Over all would like to award the H100i an 8 out of 10 score!

– Fit and finish
– Ease of installation
– Corsair Link
– Price

– Poor performance for a 240mm unit