Corsair H80i Water Cooling System Review

Final Thoughts
As could be expected from Corsair what we have is a very well finished product that performs nearly as well. It is to be commended for the ease of installation, choice of parts and the Corsair Link software. Although it wasn’t the best performing cooler we’ve tested I feel that it is adequate enough to make this a well rounded product.

On the downside, the fans included are atrociously loud. If I were to use the unit long term that is the first thing that I would replace. The only other negative thing about this cooler I would point out is the price. At $109.99 this unit does not perform as well as other AIO coolers we’ve tested. In some cases not even as well as air coolers below it’s price range.

I do feel however that you are paying for more than cooling performance here. You are getting a complete, sleek package with software control, which includes the Corsair name and warranty.

As a result ThinkComputers awards the Corsair H80i Water Cooling System an 8 out of 10 score.

rating8 10 small

– Easy installation
– Acceptable performance
– Corsair Link control

– Cost
– Fan noise