Corsair HX750i Power Supply Review

Corsair has become known as a quality supplier of quite a few different products over the past few years, one of those being power supplies. Power Supplies have become a big part of their business and their professional HX series has been out for the past few years, being updated every so often. Just recently Corsair updated the line with the HXi series giving the units an 80PLUS Platinum certification, which means the unit will be 89% efficient at 100% load and 92% efficient at 50% load. The HXi series units also feature a fully modular design so you only use the cables that you need, have a Zero RPM mode which means the cooling fan will only spin up during high load and HXi series is Corsair Link ready so you can monitor and log fan speed, voltages, efficiency and more. Will this be the perfect power supply for your next build? Read on as we find out.

Special thanks to Corsair for providing us with the HX750i Power Supply to review.


The HX750i comes in Corsair’s typical retail packaging. On the front there is a photo of the unit and it lets us know some of the main features which include a 7 year warranty, zero RPM fan mode, Corsair Link ready, 80PLUS Platinum certification, and ultra low noise design.

Corsair HX750i Power Supply

On the top of the box there is an actual overview of the included cables, which is always a good thing to know.

Corsair HX750i Power Supply

On the back of the box it goes into great detail on the efficiency, fan noise and other features of the unit.

Corsair HX750i Power Supply

Opening the box up inside you will find the HX750i power supply inside a nice protective bag, a bag of modular cables, zip ties, mounting screws, warranty guide, a case sticker and the user’s manual.

Corsair HX750i Power Supply

For a full unboxing and overview of the Corsair HX750i power supply be sure to check out our video below.

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