Corsair Hydro X Custom Watercooling Parts Spotted

At Paris Games week there was an interesting find as France-based LDLC showed off an entire system filled with custom watercooling parts from Corsair. These products were teased a little while ago and will be known as Hydro X.

corsair hydro x 1

If you guys remember, key personnel from EK Water Blocks jumped ship to Corsair about a year ago. Many people wondered what that meant for Corsair going forward.

Well it looks like Corsair will be coming out with their own line of custom watercooling parts very soon. Let’s go through what was discovered in the LDLC machine.

The first thing is the CPU block, which has a design very similar to their Hydro Platinum series of AiO coolers. There is an acrylic top, which is surrounded by aluminum trim, and there are RGB LEDs inside. There are two G1/4″ threaded ports on the top and this system is using soft-tubing, with that appears to be Corsair-branded nickel-plated brass compression fittings.

corsair hydro x 2

Moving down to the GPU block, the first thing we see is the I/O terminal, which has the Hydro X logo on it. The block itself has an acrylic top with a metal cover. This style has been seen from Watercool and Phanteks. It is hard to see the channels here, but it looks like Corsair has gone with a linear flow path with the coolant entering the block, going through microfins over the VRAM and GPU, on to the VRMs and then exiting the block. We also have RGB lighting on the block.

corsair hydro x 3 corsair hydro x 4

The reservoir has an integrated pump, which is great for first time watercoolers who won’t have to worry about where to place the pump and the order of components in the loop. The reservoir has a more cuboid rectangular shape than a cylinder and it does appear to be acrylic rather than glass. It also appears to have an acetal top with G1/4″ threaded ports. There is also RGB here too.

corsair hydro x 5 corsair hydro x 6

There is no word on when these products will be made available. With CES right around the corner that seems like the perfect place to launch the Hydro X series.

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