Corsair iCUE Nexus Review

Extra small screens or displays to show vital computer stats are nothing new. I’m sure many of you can remember the 5.25-inch bay devices which would monitor your temperatures and speeds. We also have devices like the Elgato Stream Deck that gives us cool customizable buttons for launching programs and more. Well Corsair (who now owns Elgato) has a new rather interesting product, which I would say morphs both those old bay devices and a stream deck into one. It is the iCUE Nexus, which is a small touch-screen display that you can either attach to a Corsair compatible keyboard or use a standalone to give you vital system stats, launch programs, and more! Let’s take a look!

Special thanks to Corsair for providing us with the iCUE Nexus to review.


The Corsair iCUE Nexus comes in a pretty small box. On the front it shows the device and lets us know that it does require Corsair iCUE (duh!).

Corsair iCUE Nexus

Flipping over to the back we have a little information on the device as well as some examples of a few of the different available screens.

Corsair iCUE Nexus

Getting everything out of the box we have the iCUE Nexus device, a standalone base, three mounting brackets for different keyboards, a tool to help remove the brackets, a user’s guide, and a warranty guide.

Corsair iCUE Nexus

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