Corsair iCUE Nexus Review

Setup & Usage

Getting the iCUE Nexus setup is pretty easy. I opted to use it as a standalone unit. Installing it in the included base is pretty easy as it just slides right in and you just connect the USB cable.

Corsair iCUE Nexus Corsair iCUE Nexus

Once in the base just connect the base to any open USB port on your computer. If you have Corsair iCUE it should detect the device. If it does not be sure to update to the latest version. Of course if you do not have iCUE installed go ahead and download it and install it. Once installed the iCUE Nexus should show up in the Devices list iCUE.

corsair icue nexus ss1

If we click in we can see that there have been three “screens” created for us. One is the main Corsair start screen and the other two are for Corsair devices that I have installed in my system. iCUE will auto-populate “screens” and as well as widgets for your installed Corsair devices. This gives you a good starting point.

corsair icue nexus ss2 corsair icue nexus ss3

From there you can create and customize you own “screens”. Each screen is divided into six 100×48 pixel sections that can be made into a button or widget. Widgets are mainly made up of your Corsair devices like say fan speeds from our Commander Pro or temperatures from our Dominator Platinum memory. There are also system widgets for you motherboard, graphics card and CPU.

corsair icue nexus ss6 corsair icue nexus ss5

Buttons on the other hand are just like reprogramming a key on a Corsair keyboard, so you have the ability to add a macro, type text, media controls, set a timer, switch profiles, and more!

corsair icue nexus ss7 corsair icue nexus ss4

I went ahead and made a few custom screens, which was pretty easy.

corsair icue nexus ss8

Now as far as the screen actually looks it does look pretty good, although I did find that some of the widgets just did not have enough space in the 100×48 section that was given. The viewing angles are not the best either and I really would have liked larger screen. The screen itself though performed well. There was no lag or anything like that when displaying widgets and pressing / swiping the screen was responsive. Here are some shots of the pre-populated Corsair screens as well as some that I made.

corsair icue nexus 16

corsair icue nexus 12

corsair icue nexus 11

corsair icue nexus 13

corsair icue nexus 14

corsair icue nexus 15

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