Corsair Launches Step-by-Step Online PC Builder

CORSAIR, a world leader in enthusiast components for gamers, creators, and PC builders, today announced a powerful new tool to help gamers design their next PC or upgrade, tailor-made for their needs: CORSAIR PC Builder. Combining a vast PC part compatibility database with expert hardware insights and building tips, CORSAIR PC Builder is an invaluable resource when researching and configuring a new PC build.

corsair pc builder 2

CORSAIR PC Builder curates your components checklist to your PC gaming needs, drawing on a database covering the full specs from thousands of currently sold PC components. Users need only to specify their chosen Intel or AMD processor, graphics card, and motherboard, and CORSAIR PC Builder will offer a comprehensive parts list of award-winning CORSAIR components, all guaranteed for compatibility with your desired system. PC Builder also ensures that all the parts fit inside your chosen case, whether it be a CORSAIR case or third-party. The result is a carefully curated shopping cart, filled with exactly what you need to build the optimal PC to run your favorite games.

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CORSAIR PC Builder is much more than just a parts compatibility checker. Spending too much in one place might be a waste, but falling short in another can bottleneck your whole system. By optimizing selected parts for your individual build, CORSAIR PC Builder makes sure you are not overspending on memory your CPU cannot use or picking a PSU that cannot support your system during intense gaming. In addition, the tool provides valuable insights about the PC building process and useful info about your chosen components from the CORSAIR DIY experts. Users can easily compare similar products, availability, and pricing info right from the site.

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For more information, visit this page.

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