GTA VI Could Last 500 Hours, Will Take Place In US and Europe

Rockstar Games has finally announced last month that the much awaited GTA VI is in the process of production. As per Michael Pachter ( a video game expert), the production process of GTA VI started in 2014. The game’s sheer attitude has made the production period so long.

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According to recent reports, numerous places from the franchise’s previous installments will be shown in GTA VI. It is expected to be so large that it may take up to 500 hours to complete.

Pachter says that ;“There are naive people who think that Rockstar, with its 2,000 employees, is sitting on its back and bored… No, they are not. These guys are working hard to create amazing content, but GTA VI is going to take 10 years or more.”

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The game analyst further explains that this period of development is essential as Rockstar is expected to develop an exceptional environment that would not be comparable to prior Rockstar titles. It is rather expected to unite all open world games developed previously. “The explanation is, in my opinion, a blend of Vice City, San Andreas, Liberty City (later GTA III), and Europe, namely London,” says the analyst. He also stated that travel among these continents will be possible.

According to Pachter, as GTA V had an online component, GTA VI is also expected to have one . He explained that in the game the players will need to transport things like narcotics, from London to Los Angeles via the port of Miami. You can check out the video below for more details.