AMD Will Present ‘Next-Generation Image Upscaling’ During GDC 2022

AMD is all set to discuss ‘next-generation image upscaling’ in games at GDC 2022. The company will host multiple sponsored sessions regarding many topics of graphics in games. During a session named ‘Next-Generation Image Upscaling for Games’, AMD will reveal its newest research findings related to image upscaling technology and also elaborate on how it enhances the gaming experience. Interestingly AMD has not mentioned FSR or machine learning.


Those who are expecting demos or trailers of the FSR 2.0 (Fidelity FX Super Resolution) should calm down. AMD did not announce that FSR would be evolved but at some time we can expect a new version during the AMD RDNA3 launch. This system should have had more GPU units for efficient image upscaling acceleration.

AMD FSR 1.0 launching was a success and was added into a huge number of games primarily due to AMD open-sourcing the code for all game developers to benefit from. Perhaps, AMD is now feeling pressure from NVIDIA which has AI-based DLSS 2.0, to perform better at lower resolutions, and Intel which is about to launch new XeSS upscaling later this year.

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In addition to this, AMD is about to launch its Radeon Super Resolution technology, fundamentally FSR but for games on driver-level. Despite the announcement in January, AMD has not given the time when RSR will be available.

Via GDC2022, VideoCardz