Apple Might Announce M2 Powered MacBook Pro And Air 13 Soon

Apple just revealed its M1 Ultra at the Peek Performance event last week and the leaksters have already started hunting for the latest news about M2-based MacBooks.

Following the announcements, there is a leak claiming the release of the 13-inch M2 MacBook Pro and MacBook Air to be expected later this year.

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The next MacBook Air incorporating Apple’s upcoming M2 chip is in development. The product has been codenamed J413. The new M2 chips will be based on the A15 Bionic being utilized in the latest Apple products i.e iPhones and iPads as of now. The M2 chip in comparison to A15 will feature as many as ten cores.

The upcoming 13-inch MacBook Pro, codenamed J493, is also rumored to get an M2 upgrade. However, it is unlikely that the entry-level MacBooks will get an upgrade. Fair enough as the new M2 processors are not meant to directly compete with the high-end M1 chips, such as the M1 Ultra or Max. Though the leak does claim that these are planned M2 variants.

scaled m2 mockup

No considerable chassis design changes for the Apple MacBooks are expected for the current year.