Third Variant Of The Intel DG2 GPU Codenamed SOC3 Might Be Coming Soon

Intel might be preparing a third variant of DG2 GPUs after all, codenamed SOC3 with 256EUs.

According to a report by KAMOCHI , in the recent patches to Intel’s Graphics System Controller Firmware Update Library (IGSCU FU) for Linux, there is an entry with a third DG2 GPU. It is apparently possessing 256 Execution Units (so 2048 FP32 cores or 16 Xe Cores). This change has been noticed by KOMACHI.

Intel DG2 GPUs

It has been named as SOC3, however, it is listed between SOC1 and SOC2. This sequence of listing could be because of the launching time.

There have been rumors about it before. In September 2020, a PCB diagram was leaked which showed a DG2-384EU graphics processor.

Intel DG2 GPU Family 512 256 128 1200x445 1

With the given information, we can assume that this supposed 384EU GPU is actually the SOC3 with 256 cores previously talked about by Intel. The die size should be just about half of the SOC1 ( almost around 190-200 mm²).

Intel had only listed 256EU as mobile SKU3, Intel has not mentioned the SOC3 anywhere.

Intel DG2 Lineup

With the advent of a third DG2 GPU variant, it might prove to be a good fit for the Arc A500 series. Possessing half of the cores that are of SOC1, it would probably reach the RTX 3060/RX6600 performance level.

Phoronix has reported that Intel has just come forward with a new DG2_G12 GPU variant of its i915 graphics drivers. There’s a possibility that this sub platform would be the rumored SOC3.

Intel DG2 Memory Configurations 1200x642 1

There is a chance of a drop in the plans for SOC3. The Intel IGSCU code shows unused code for a GPU that might never get released. The leak, however, shows that there is still a lot that is unknown about the Arc Alchemist GPU family, despite it launching in less than 4 months.

Via Intel, VideoCardz