MSI Recalls MAG CoreLiquid 360R And 240R Liquid Coolers

Msi Recalls MAG CoreLiquid 360R And 240R Liquid Coolers Due To A Blockage Issue. The company has issued a voluntary recall of its MAG CoreLiquid 360R and 240R all-in-one liquid cooling solutions. This initiative was taken after some reports by users of the CPU temperatures getting unusually high. Msi looked into the matter and concluded that a “small portion” of those models can produce sediment build-up resulting in a blockage.

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Liquid coolers need proper coolant flow to function smoothly. It works when the cool liquid streams from the radiator to the CPU block where it absorbs heat from the processor, the liquid then goes back to the radiator. Hence it is cooled down again and cycles back to the CPU. Rinse and repeat.

A blockage can cause some serious trouble as it limits the effectiveness of the cooling solution. The extent of loss of effectiveness depends on the size of the blockage. Even a minor one can cause problems. Msi claims to provide a complete product replacement service to all affected products that have abnormal heat dissipation.

MSI MAG CoreLiquid 360R AIO

MSI reassured that it will continue working with its suppliers to check all incoming CoreLiquid 360R and 240R liquid coolers to assess and make sure they are not affected. It has not been confirmed but it appears like there is some kind of manufacturing flaw that Msi is able to recognize before green-lighting shipments to retail partners.

So If anyone owns these models, they can simply visit MSI’s recall page and put in the product’s serial number to see if their product is affected.