Corsair Teases DDR5-6400 Memory, Arriving Later This Year

Today Corsair published an official blog post teasing the improved DDR5 RAM by outlining the basics of the technology. The blog states that the changes with DDR5 will offer a great improvement in terms of speed, power, efficiency, and higher capacity of a single module.

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Currently, no platform supports the DDR5 technology, but we can expect full support from the upcoming Intel 12th Gen Core codenamed “Alder Lake-S,” which will be launched by 2021 end. Moreover, the adoption rate of DDR5 will depend on the availability of DDR5 supporting hardware and, more importantly, the pricing. Intel is aware of the fact that DDR5 will not have an affordable price tag at launch; hence they decided to offer support for both the DDR4 and DDR5 in their Alder Lake series. If the motherboard manufacturer also decides to offer support for both the DDR4 and DDR5 modules, then it will provide consumers with a variety, and the cost of the upgrade to the latest platform will not be huge.

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Corsair has mentioned in its blog post that DDR5 RAM will offer double bandwidth while they will have a lesser operating voltage of 1.1V, compared to the 1.2V the DDR4 modules require. The maximum capacity of single modules will go up to 128 GB which is four times the DDR4 offers. This means that game developers will also take advantage of the increased memory buffer.

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As per JEDEC specifications, the fastest official memory speed for DDR5 is 6400 MT/s. This speed does not account for the factory-overclocked modules with their own XMP profiles. Currently, we know that Alder Lake will support 4800 MT/s modules, but we can expect higher-speed support from Alder Lake successors.

Via Corsair