Intel Announces Next-Gen H20 Optane Memory for Laptops

Today, Intel has announced a next-gen of memory and storage, the Intel Optane memory H20 with solid-state storage. The H20 Optane memory will be included in Intel 11th gen processors.

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The Intel H20 Optane memory is based on a combination of the best features of Intel’s Optane technology and Intel QLC 3D. This provides users with improved storage capacity, next-level performance, and a personalized computing experience while playing games or consuming content.

Moreover, the use of NAND technology in H20 Optane memory allows a single M.2 2280 form factor device to act as both storage and a memory device.

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The M.2 factor is compatible with everything from laptops to desktops. The H2 offers a perfect combination of efficient power consumption with improved performance and responsiveness.

The Intel H2 Optane memory will arrive in the markets on June 20.

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