Battlefield 6 Trailer Screenshots Leaked!

Few screenshots from the upcoming Battlefield 6 have been leaked on Redditt. Prior to their leak on Redditt, a Discord user, “hi93048234,” shared them on the Discord channel of Tom Henderson’s. The screenshots look realistic, and if we believe these pictures, we can expect a modern warfare theme with rockets and robots this time.

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You should note that almost 20% of the image is covered by a large black bar. Videocardz used a machine-learning algorithm to reconstruct the part.

The pictures show exploding rockets, modern cars, and two-rotor helicopters too. A four-legged robot can also be seen in the screenshots, which looks quite similar to Boston Dynamics Bigdog.

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During the Q4 2021 earning call, EA CEO Andrew Wilson said that the new Battlefield will be an amazing relaunch of the franchise.

Nothing to announce at the moment on either an annualized Battlefield and/or the nature of the modes in the upcoming Battlefield game, we’re going to talk about a lot around that in the months to come starting next month with our reveal trailer, which I have a chance of seeing the work in progress last week and it is incredible. What the team has been able to do in the context of next-generation consoles and epic scale battles, unbelievable player accounts, destruction in terms of those which is really incredible, and it’s a very innovative and creative mode for the future of the franchise.

[…] I would just – I would finish by saying we’re really excited about Battlefield, everything I’ve seen in the game is spectacular. And I think it’s going to be an amazing relaunch of that franchise this year and will lead us into an incredible live service for the future.”

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The reveal of Battlefield 6 is expected in June, while the game should arrive later this year.