BIOSTAR Announces The New DDR4 RGB Gaming X Series RAM Modules

Today, BIOSTAR has announced the new DDR4 RGB Gaming X Series RAM modules. These highly optimized RAMs are perfect for gaming and content creation.

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BIOSTAR will offer these RAMs in single and double module configurations where each module will have 8 GB capacity. The modules will come with an operating speed of 3200 MHz to 3600 MHz and users will be able to overclock them up to 4000 MHz easily. The Gaming X Series RAMs have BIOSTAR-certified DDR4 OC memory chips and are perfect for both Intel and AMD platforms.

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“The RAM modules support BIOSTAR’s RGB control software, BIOSTAR RGB SYNC, which will allow users to easily customize the RGB lighting.

The latest DDR4 RGB Gaming X series RAMs enter the market in single and dual-stick Kits, with a single stick carrying 8 GB of memory capacity. Users can pick up between clock speeds of 3200 MHz and 3600 MHz and can overclock the modules up to 4000 MHz with ease. These RAMs are great for either Intel or AMD systems and carry BIOSTAR certified DDR4 OC memory chips that perform faster and more reliably than anything else in the market.”