CyberPowerPC Goes On Sale With Intel Iris Xe (Discrete Desktop DG1) Graphics Card

The CyberPowerPC “Gamer Xtreme Gaming Desktop” has been listed on BestBuy. The listing says that CyberpowerPC has combined the latest Intel CPU and GPU architectures in a budget gaming PC which means it has both the Intel 11th Gen Core Rocket Lake CPU and Intel Iris Xe desktop graphics.

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The casing houses the Core i5-11400F processor, which has 6-core and 12-threads. It can achieve a boost clock speed of up to 4.4 GHz. The F in the name suggests a lack of integrated display which means that it lacks an integrated display, however, an Intel Iris Xe discrete graphics card is offered. It features the DG1 GPU based on Xe-LP architecture. The GPU isn’t for hardcore gaming, but it can handle all the popular games at 1080p.

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The card also features 640 shading units (80 Execution Units). It also has 4GB LPDDR4X RAM operating at a bandwidth of 68 GB/s. There are no detailed pictures of the card in the listing; hence it is unclear who the manufacturer is, but till now, only cards by ASUS and Colorful have surfaced.

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At the time of writing, the PC variant with discrete Iris Xe graphics was sold out. The listing of this PC marks the arrival of the third player in the graphics cards market. Later in 2021, Intel will announce its DG2 graphics family, which will feature Xe-HPG architecture.

Via BestBuy